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Stanford Children's Volunteer Orientation - Minors - 4200 Bohannon (4200 BOH)


Registration for Orientation is CLOSED.

Please check back here periodically for future registration dates. We do not have any registration dates planned or scheduled at this time. Once we do, they will be posted on this page along with instructions to register.

Once an online orientation session is FULL, there is NOT an available waitlist. This is a mandatory online orientation for anyone 16 or 17 years old interested in the LPCH volunteer program. Please also note, at this time we are only onboarding volunteer candidates for the following programs:

o Gift Shop

During the online orientation, a description of each volunteer opportunity, as well as its availability and requirements, will be provided. We will also go over any necessary online compliance courses, health clearance, security issues, policies, and procedures. You may schedule yourself for an online group interview once we have been notified that you have completed the online orientation. If you are an adult, 18 years or older, please use the Adult Link for more information.

We are only onboarding minor volunteers for the active programs listed above. If you are not interested in volunteering for one of these, please do not sign up for the youth volunteer orientation at this time.

Please note, our Volunteer Programs require a weekly (same day and time), 6-month minimum commitment.
Once an online orientation session is FULL, there is NOT an available waitlist.

If you are a current volunteer at SHC and would like to sign up to volunteer with us at LPCH you will need to click on "Log in" instead of "New" during the next available registration.


Minimum age: 16