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AWISH - Sustainability in Healthcare Project

Our mission is to reduce landfill waste to decrease Healthcare's carbon footprint.

The primary aim of our project is to promote sustainable healthcare. Participants will sort, quality check, fold, and transport, retrieve, package, and ship unused, but clean operating room supplies to our partnered hospitals and clinics via a nonprofit organization, and sterile wrap for recycling. Clean medical equipment designated for single use in our hospitals is diverted from landfills for use in recipient countries. Recycling blue wrap will significantly reduce the landfill waste coming out of our operating rooms, reducing the environmental impact of delivering care, and turning waste into valuable material.

Our volunteers, 16 years and older, will be available for sorting, identifying, and packaging critical medical supplies. Volunteers must work effectively in a team and demonstrate good communication and leadership skills to lead more prominent groups. Attention to detail is essential to ensure sensitive equipment is packed correctly and safely for shipment to communities in need around the world. Volunteers can contribute meaningfully to improving global healthcare inequities and decreasing the carbon footprint of Stanford Children's Hospital.

Facilities: Lucile Packard Children's Hospital - Main Building

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Care-A-Van Driver

CARE-A-VAN for Kids Driver:
Care-A-Van for Kids is dedicated to providing rides to financially disadvantaged children and their families coming from South Bay locations to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. The program is intended to ensure that children easily access essential health care and to facilitate parents' participation during a child's hospital stay.

Volunteer drivers will pick-up the patient and at least one parent or guardian at their home and transport them to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, ensuring that all children 40 lb. or less and 4 years of age and under, are in care seats. The volunteer driver will wait for the appointment to end and transport the patient back to their home. NO OTHER STOPS WILL BE MADE.

Minimum age of 21 years
Minimum four years driving experience
Minimum 1 year commitment
Able to relate well to patients and families under stress
Must provide copy of current California Driver's License
Must provide proof of automobile insurance— plus collision coverage
Adherence to dealer-recommended maintenance schedule

Scheduled Shifts:
At least 1 drive a month

Facilities: Lucile Packard Children's Hospital -West Building

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